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The Many Lives, Many Masters Workshop by Dr. Brian Weiss in Atlanta, GA.  February 20, 2016 was an awesome day.

When I was a teenager, my uncle handed me a little paperback book, and made me promise that I was going to read it with an open mind. 

When I read the title of this book, “Many lives, Many masters by Dr. Brian Weiss” I didn’t know what to expect.  So, keeping my promise to my uncle, I read it. 

I can’t tell you how this book changed my mind because, the complexity of the subject is such, that it could take me writing a whole book in order to explain it. 

I was a new person. I was actually grateful that I read this book as a teenager. I don’t think I would’ve been the person I am now if it wasn’t for the things I’ve done, and reading this book is one of them.  I know it sounds a tad dramatic, but it is true. 

Dr. Brian Weiss is a world renowned psychiatrist and hypnotherapist from Florida, who has been researching the field of regression since the late seventies. He has written several books with real stories and experiences as well as wonderful lessons of spirituality and personal growth. 

I attended one of his all-day workshops in Atlanta.  I didn’t know what to expect since it was my first time at an event like this. I was surprised to hear him talking. He was very calm, almost peaceful in the way he spoke (as if he was in a constant relaxed state). 

He spoke of his work, a little bit of background on the subject of regression. Then he had the audience engage in relaxation exercises. Hypnosis is not the elaborate dramatization you have seen on TV by phony hypnotists. This was more like YOU exploring your own mind. 

Guided by his very soothing voice, you were prompted to imagine yourself in beautiful places while being very well aware of your own body. The connection with mind and body in this state is unique. It was an experience everyone should engage from time to time. Regardless of religious backgrounds, his techniques and his knowledge in the subject have something for everyone. 

             meeting Dr. Brian Weiss

            meeting Dr. Brian Weiss

I left the workshop like a new person; a new person with the will to explore my own mind even further, while relaxing my body. Relaxation and meditation are great tools for a healthy mind and body, and I am grateful to have experienced it at this workshop. 

 Signed copy. Spanish Version

Signed copy. Spanish Version

After the seminar, I got a chance to meet with Dr. Weiss and have my books autographed. I had my English and my Spanish version of Many Lives, Many Masters and he gladly signed them both. He told me he had been to Colombia (South America) four times. I was glad to hear that since that’s where my family is originally from. When I left I realized that, without me asking, he had signed my Spanish version in Spanish! What a thoughtful, humble man. Thank you Dr. Weiss. And thank you uncle for asking me to read this book so many years ago.  

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