Book Review: The Shadow Queen by C.J. Redwine

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Dear Bookworms, 

I don’t think words can adequately express just how much I enjoyed this book, it was that good!

For nine years Loreli and her brother have been on the run from their evil stepmother, Queen Irina who killed their father and assumed (re stole) the throne of Ravenspire.  Over these last nine years, Queen Irina has grown weak, the magic she uses to bewitch the land and the people in it to bend to her will, has taken its toll. In a neighboring kingdom of Eldr, Prince Kol suddenly finds himself King after his family is killed in an ogre attack. Unable to fend off the beasts and fearing the destruction of his kingdom, he takes off for Ravenspire to strike a deal with Queen Irina. The price for her magical protection is steep, kill the lost Princess Loreli and she will protect his people from the ogres. Both young royals find themselves in a terrible battle of self will and preservation,but can they pool their talents and resources to defeat Queen Irina and restore their respective kingdoms to peace, or will she fare too formidable of a foe? 

This book absolutely came alive on the pages. Everything from the characters, Ravenspire and surrounding lands, the intense and fierce battles, the devastation and heartbreak – it all just radiated from the pages. Redwine has such a rich and vibrant writing style, I was immediately immersed (addictively so) within the books pages, wresting myself back to reality (begrudgingly) when real life called. Lorelei was fierce, brave, selfless, and strong- all things that make an enjoyable heroine. I loved that she was the one who saved Kol, countless times; no damsel in distress here, she definitely kicked ass! The Draconi were fantastically unique, adding another dimension to the plot and Kol as a character which was fun. Now I have to add Draconi to my list of fictional future husbands… *sigh*….. Although seemingly heartless and wicked to the core, I was surprised to find our villainess, Irina, written with glimpse of humanity as well. While I wasn’t rooting for her by any stretch of the imagination, I did feel a sense of pity for her throughout most of the book. If only she didn’t let her hunger for power consume her, her life could have been so much different. 10000000/10 would recommend this read to any lover of a fairytale retelling. Absolutely enchanting in all the best ways! 

Favorite quote of the book:

“…for nothing scares the wicked so much as the realization that someone has chosen not to surrender, even when the cost of defiance is almost too much to bear.”

Who else loves a fairytale retelling? What are you favs?!

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