Book Review: Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens

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Dear Bookworms

I picked this one up at the behest of a work friend, and what a truly great read it was! Something of a mystery/coming of age novel, there was something in it for everyone.

What is this book about?

Told from the perspective of two timelines, the reader is taken on a journey following a small child, abandoned by her family in the marsh of a small North Carolina town where she was forced to fend for herself.

In the future, that same small child, now a grown adult, is on trial for the murder of a local man. These two timeless slowly weave together to bring the reader an absolutely amazing read.

Let me tell you more…

Kyra Clark was born and raised in the marsh, known by the local townspeople as “Marsh Girl”. She was left to fend for herself when her mother ran from Kyras abusive father, her older siblings one by one struck out for a life of their own, and finally her alcoholic father leaves and never comes back. As a child, Kyra did what she needed to survive and became a somewhat local legend amongst the townspeople.

Kyra is content to be alone, finding solace in the beauty of the marsh, and making friends with its creatures and plant life. But, as Kyra grows, she begins to yearn for more human interaction. This is when two young men find her wild and feral beauty intoxicating.

When one of the young men is found dead in the marsh, the townspeople, always having been suspicious of the Marsh Girl, turn their eyes on Kyra as the likely suspect.

My thoughts

This book was so alive and rich I could practically breathe in the marsh. I could hear the gulls, feel the sand, and smell the rich foliage. Owens brought it to life with all the senses in a way that was truly immersive. Kyras story was vibrant, and hopeful, and one in which I utterly lost myself. There were some twists that played out beautifully and an ending that left my heart full if a little heavy.

Overall a wonderful read which really highlights so many important themes about humanity and I cannot recommend this one enough!

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