Book Review: The Wish Granter by C.J. Redwine

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Twins Ari and Thad, the bastard children of the King of Súndraille are suddenly thrust into the spotlight (and Thad the throne) when the royal family mysteriously dies overnight. In a fool hearty attempt to save his sisters life, Thad had made a deal with the Wish Granter. A fae whispered about from childrens stories; evil and cruel, he could grant your hearts desire, for the price of your soul. Ari refuses to allow Thad to loose his soul and is determined to find a way to defeat the Wish Granter at his own game. With the help of the new weapons master, Sebastian, Ari embarks on a deadly game of tit for tat with the most powerful and ruthless fae in the land.

I have to say, I think I loved this book even more than The Shadow Queen (if that’s even possible?!). Redwine gives us another fairytale retelling (Rumpelstiltskin) from one of Ravespires neighboring kingdom, Súndraille. I enjoyed the cameo in the beginning from Loreli and Kol (made me sqeeee!), those two are just too cute. Ari was hands down my favorite princess, ever.

“Dancing is for people who don’t truly appreciate the buffet” 

She is totally my kind of people and I like where her heads at. Not only does she have a healthy appreciation and respect for snacks; she is brave even when she’s terrified, smart and cunning where she lacks physical strength.

Sebastian’s transformation was really the best part of the book for me. Seeing this hard, anxious, mess of a young man transform into someone who allows love into his life was fun to read. The poor kid endured so much pain at the hands of his cruel and malicious father Jacob, and was obviously suffering from some pretty hard core PTSD, and yet he was able (with Aris help of course) to break down those walls of isolation and self preservation and be able to face his worst fears and inner demons to not only love, but allow himself to be loved in return. Simply beautiful. His whole arc just proved that your upbringing doesn’t define you, you choose who you want to be, day in and day out. 

I am so excited to see which kingdom/fairytale we will visit with Redwine next. Whichever it is, I am certain it will be incredible! 

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