Book Review: The Watchmakers Daughter by C.J. Archer

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Dear Bookworms, 

Thoughts on this book in a word? OBSESSED!

This one has been on my TBR since Christmas and once I finally got to it this week, I DEVOURED IT! 

After India Steele’s fiance stole her inheritance and promptly dumped her, she is desperate. It isn’t easy for a woman alone in 1890’s London and things are about to be a whole lot worse as she’s kicked out of her rented room for her inability to pay. A gifted watchmaker/repairer like her father before her, India fortuitously meets the enigmatic Matthew Glass. Mr. Glass not only offers India a paying job for a weeks time, but provides her with lodgings while he is in London from America looking for a mysterious watchmaker he met five years prior who has all but vanished. Mr. Glass’s obsession with finding this watchmaker seems odd at first, but when India spies Mr. Glass’ watch emitting a strange green light that seems to seep into his veins when he appears tired and ill, rejuvenating him, she begins to wonder if there is more to his story then he is letting on.

 Using her connections from her previous work as her fathers assistant in his watch shop, India and Matthew make their rounds to all the watchmakers in London to inquire about this mysterious man who Matthew is desperate to find. When her once fellow colleagues begin to shun her, and some worse, seem to fear her, India isn’t sure what to think. When rumors swirl of a dangerous American outlaw on the loose in London, India thinks she may have made a bargain with a very dangerous man indeed. 

Stellar read guys! A superbly well written novel that was the perfect blend of mystery and fantasy. C.J Archer did a phenomenal job of playing her cards close to her chest with this one; I found myself rooting for India and Mr. Glass from page one even despite his shady past and uncertain agenda. The supporting characters were so well written and likable I found myself not even caring that we (the reader) weren’t too sure of their past or intentions either. The plot was well paced and interesting. There were quite a few moments of heart pounding action ranging from intense fight scenes to steamy lust. I’ll just go ahead and let you all know now that I have a major literary crush on Matthew Glass…. I’m not even gonna lie… far as fictional characters go he’s swoon worthy. 

I am jumping into the next in the series, The Mapmaker Apprentice now and can’t wait to follow along in India and Matthews next adventure!






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