Book Review: The Walls Around Us by Nova Ren Suma

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Dear Bookworms,

I kind of stumbled across this one on my libraries ebook platform during a particularly slow day at work (sorry boss!) and honestly I really don’t even know how I feel about this one? It was….not what I expected? You know when you go into a book thinking you’re about to read a certain genre (for me I was thinking psychological thriller) and it takes a strange turn that you weren’t expecting (in this case- supernatural). Maybe if I had been clear on what exactly this book was supposed to be I would have enjoyed it more but for me, it was just…meh…

What is this book even about?

Told in alternating perspectives and timelines, this novel follows the lives of two very different (or maybe not so different) young girls.


Violet (present day) is 18, a gifted ballerina with a bright future ahead of her at Julliard. Having just dazzled at her ballet schools final showcase, she must face a dark stain on her past before she can move forward in her life.


Amber (past) is 17, and an inmate at an all girls juvenile detention center. Convicted of murdering her stepfather, Amber keeps her head down and her ears always open, just bidding her life sentence as best as she can.


One girl binds them together, Orianna. Having been convicted of the grisly murders of a couple of bulling ballerinas, she is assigned to bunk with Amber. This one girl brings these two strangers together in a way that is both unexpected and mysterious.

My Thoughts

Unlike previous mysteries and thrillers I have written about when my brain goes a mile a minute trying to piece together clues and information- this book was just…confusing.

Half the time I had no idea what was going on (and NOT in a good way), what was real and what was a fantasy. Like I said, I wasn’t really expecting a supernatural element when I started this one- so this could just be a case of unmet expectations, but I found it to be strange and quite boring. There was no real thrill, the “twist” was extremely predictable, and the writing style and format just very hard to engage with.

Overall not one I would necessarily recommend, but I will say it does seem to have pretty solid reviews on other outlets so maybe it just wasn’t for me!

Until next week friends!



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