Book Review: The Outsider by Stephen King

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Dear Bookworms,

I love a good Stephen King book – he was one of my first “grown up” authors that I devoured as a budding bookworm. Everything from Misery and The Shinning to the hulking beast that is The Stand- I really could never get enough. How this man is able to continue to surprise and entertain me after 20 year is a mystery to me but keep the thrills coming!

About this book

In a small town in Oklahoma, an 11 year old boy is found brutally murdered. The prime suspect? The towns much beloved youth baseball coach, Terry Maitland.

The police are certain this is a slam dunk case. Fingerprints, DNA, and eye witness testimony leave no possible other suspect. It should be open and shut.

Except that it isn’t.

On the day of the murder, Terry Maitland was at a conference with colleagues in a whole other city. A man can’t be in two places at once, but this is exactly what appears to be the case.

My thoughts

The first half of this book I was just in a constant state of “what the actual hell is going on here! This doesn’t make any sense!” (and I mean that in only the best way- I love a good mystery) It’s a slow, but methodical build up to the “how” and “who” and King lays that groundwork so flawlessly.

As with any Stephen King book- there is plenty of weird, supernatural, and spooky to go around and our bad guy was truly a thing of nightmares, on so many levels.

Overall a superb read that kept me on my toes for all 500+ pages! Definitely recommend!

A little warning

Just as a side note: This one is pretty graphic as far as violence is concerned so keep that in mind if that sort of stuff is triggering to you.

Until next week friends!



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