Book Review: The Other Mother by Carol Goodman

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Dear Bookworms,

This weeks book was given to me for free in exchange for an honest review. 

Daphne Marist is suffering from postpartum depression and is plagued with horribly intrusive thoughts of something bad happening to her daughter, sometimes by her own hand. Life with her newborn, Chloe isn’t how she imagined but she finds some solace in her mothers support group, most notably in her new friend, Laurel Hobbes (who’s newborn is also named Chloe). Laurel is beautiful, charismatic, and refreshing, quickly taking Daphne under her wing. Gaining confidence in herself and her abilities as a mother thanks to the mentoring from Laurel, Daphne flees her controlling husband to take a job as an archivist for an aging writer. The remote location in the Catskills is the perfect place for Daphne to start her life over with her baby in tow. Situated on the property of a mental institution, Daphne quickly finds her life entangled with that of a mentally ill patient and a murky past creeping back in to disrupt the life she is trying to build, crumbling the perfect facade she has tried to portray.   

Holy hell y’all this book. Such a nail biting page turner that I finished in two sittings and could have easily read it in one if I didn’t have all those pesky adult responsibilities like work and kids. The book is broken up into three parts, within each part alternating chapters in real time and diary entries written in the weeks leading up to Daphnes flight to the Catskills with Chloe. Part one features diary entries from Daphne, part two from Laurel, and part 3 from Edith (a patient at the mental asylum). Being that the plot and main characters have a past/present rife with mental illness, it is hard to know just how reliable the characters are as they relive and relay their experiences to the reader through their journal entries. Goodman weaves an incredibly intricate tale, feeding us bites and pieces, half truths, forgotten truths, and delusions to create a truly incredible read that kept my mind working in high gear in an attempt to puzzle it all out. (Spoiler alert, I did not, in fact, puzzle it out on my own, she’s that good y’all). I cannot recommend this one enough, READ IT! 

But you’ll just have to wait unit March 27, 2018 when it’s slated to be released!

Don’t worry, you can preorder on Amazon here 😉   

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