Book Review: The Mapmakers Apprentice by C.J. Archer

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Dear Bookworms,

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Utterly obsessed with this series and cannot read them fast enough!

Book two in the Glass & Steele series picks up right after book one. At the request of Commissioner Munro, Matt and India have been tasked with finding the whereabouts of a missing mapmakers apprentice (also the Commissioners illegitimate son). The young man, Daniel, recently showed exceptional skill and aptitude at his trade as a mapmaker, and had recently commissioned the sale of a custom map to an unknown buyer, something practically unheard of for a young apprentice of only a few weeks. Matt and India begin to suspect that magic is in play when they begin to investigate. Daniel was a magical mapmaker and all signs point to his magic being a main factor in his disappearance. Matt’s health is still failing, and the crew continue to look for clues as to the whereabouts of the mysterious Chronos. Can they find the missing boy before it’s too late? And can any headway be made into fixing Matts timepiece as it continues to dwindle in power?

Another amazing read by C.J. Archer! This one was filled with the same interesting and complex plot line, action packed adventure, and deepening bonds between characters. I really enjoyed learning about another guilds (Mapmakers Guild) relationship with magic and how it can be harnessed and utilized. The sleuthing pair, Matt and India, continue to develop their budding relationship in an almost maddening game of “will they wont they”. I can only hope the agony of waiting will be worth it because these two are meant to be! (I have a sneaking suspicious it’s going to be GLORIOUS! Hence me tearing through the series so quickly). This one definitely kept me guessing and my heart racing, the entire book! Again, the supporting characters, Cyclops, Willie, and Duke were crucial elements of such an enjoyable read as were their loyalty and burgeoning relationships with India. 

Moving on to the next in the series now, stayed tuned for more!




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