Book Review: The Magicians Diary by CJ Archer

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Dear Bookworms,

Continuing on with the Glass and Steele Saga with book 4 and I’m just over here like:


This series has proved to be utterly addicting y’all.

Book 4 picks up right where three left off. Indian and Matt have finally flushed out Chronos who, coincidentally is India’s (thought to be dead) grandfather! With one piece of the two parts magic required to fix Matthews life saving watch, the two track down any and all leads to find the rumored diary containing the spell needed by a doctor magician to restore Matthews watch, and in turn his health. The diary was lost when the doctor magician was murdered over two decades ago, but India and Matt are relentless in their quest. It is obvious they are getting close when Chronos is viciously attacked and the heads of prominent guilds insist they stop their search.

Spellbinding read! (See what I did there guys?) Once again India and Matt use their wits and powers of deception to sniff out clues and long buried truths as Matts clocks magic dwindles. There is that same sense of adventure and mystery that I have come to expect with this series. There may have been audible gasps and frantic page turning during my reading.

Just when I think I can’t possibly be surprised anymore, Archer totally throws a well placed curveball of a truth bomb totally changing the name of the game! That ending?! Absolutely did not see that coming. Well played Archer, well played. There continues to be this back and forth romantically with India and Matt and honestly it’s making me want to smack some sense into India but I’m hoping book 5 can have her open up some more as far as her feelings and fears are concerned. I am convinced Archer enjoys torturing us readers at this point because I just can’t take it with the romantic tension between those two anymore.

Our tried and true sidekicks were an enjoyable bonus to the story, including the blooming relationship between Cyclops and Catherine. How cute are they?! I’m intrigued on Willies plotline and hope more is revealed in the next book. What is she up to?!

On to the next in the series! Until next week friends!




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