Book Review: The Last Straw by Ed Duncan

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Dear Bookworms,

This weeks read was provided to me for free in exchange for an honest review.

After a car jacking gone wrong results in the death of a man, the witness to the crime, a young teenage girl, is set to testify against the suspect. Before taking the stand, her father is shot and killed after walking her home from school. Clearly a botched attempt at silencing the witness, her neighbor, Paul Elliott keeps an eye on her until her mother who is out of the country can be located. A respected lawyer, Elliott finds himself enmeshed in a criminal plot by the local crime boss to silence the witness. As Elliott tries to keep his friends daughter safe and figure out why the bounty on her head, a ghost of his past, professional hitman Rico Sanders resurfaces.

Rico was chosen for the job to take out the young witness. When he refused saying it went against his rule of “no kids”, the boss chose the second in his arsenal of killers, John D’Angelo. Rico and John have a complicated relationship and soon Rico finds himself working tenuously together with Elliott in an effort to not only save the girl, but take out D’Angelo altogether.

When I agreed to read and review this book, I didn’t know that it was the second in a series. Although I was able to follow along having not read the first, it was slightly confusing at times and for that reason I would say it would be best to start with book one. The plot was interesting and packed with tension/action, although the characters felt a little flat. I could have done with some better dialogue and character development to really beef it up. At times it was cliched but still enjoyable for the most part. Rico was a good “bad guy with a conscious’“ that you as the reader find yourself rooting for, even if he is a hired hit-man. Paul Elliott was sort of your average joe who seems to get caught up in extraordinary circumstances and does really make you as the reader think “could I really pull the trigger and kill someone if my life depended on it?” Elliott and his girlfriend explore the morality of these situations in a way that is thought provoking.

Overall I would recommend this one to those of you who enjoy a good mystery with plenty of action.

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