Book Review: The Good Daughter by Karen Slaughter

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Dear Bookworms,

This week is another thrilling mystery by Karen Slaughter. I was blown away by Pretty Girls (check the review for that one too!) and just had to jump into another one of her reads.

What is this book about?

Twenty eight years after a devastating tragedy in a small Georgia town ripped a family apart, two estranged sisters, Charlotte and Samantha Quinn find themselves back together again after another tragedy strikes again.

The plot

A defense attorney like their father, Charlotte finds herself at the scene of what appears to be a straightforward case of homicide.

Witnessing such a devastating crime, Charlotte is brought back to that night, twenty eight years ago, when she is forced from her house at gunpoint with her sister, her mother dead in their kitchen.

Memories long buried and locked away, return and even more so when here estranged sister, Samantha (a patents and contract lawyer) comes back to town to help.

The two sisters find themselves embroiled in a capitol murder case which when held under a microscope, isn’t as cut and dry as originally thought. The two women must work together to help a possibly innocent woman charged with murder, while fighting the demons of their past that have resurfaced after years of trying to forget.

So? Did I like it?

Absolutely riveting read!

This one was told in a series of flashbacks, both from Samantha and Charlotte’s perspectives of that night twenty eight years ago, interspersed with the present.

Slaughter has a uncanny ability to create such drama and tension in her scenes, I would find myself literally holding my breath in anticipation.

The book was a two fold mystery; as the reader, piecing together the events of the night their mother was murdered and the two sisters were taken from their home at gunpoint as well as what exactly happened with the murders Charlotte found herself at the scene of in the present. There were many twists and turns of which I was NOT expecting ( I’ll admit I gasped on more than one occasion).

Final thought

If I wasn’t already hooked on Slaughters writing style and insanely amazing plots, The Good Daughter absolutely solidified that for me, I’ll definitely be reading more of her work (and guys- she’s got a lot out there!), and soon!

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