Book Review: The Convents Secret by CJ Archer

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Dear Bookworms,

Back with book 5 in the Glass and Steele series and ya’ll, I could serious read these characters and this world for the rest of my life and not be bored.

India and Matt are running out of time. They have to find the healing magician in order to fix Matts watch, or he will die. It continues to become weaker and soon enough, it will cease to work at all. When clues point them to a local convent, Matt and India investigate. The nuns are tight lipped, but they are able to discover that twenty years ago, two infants and the Mother Superior went missing. With the convent actively thwarting their attempts at digging up information, an old enemy intent on taking Matt out, and a family matter that threatens India and Matts happiness together, the sleuthing duo have no shortage of problems to solve and people to be wary of.

First and foremost, thank you Jesus we FINALLY have some real feelings sharing between Matt and India. That plot line was literally making me crazy. THEY BELONG TOGETHER PEOPLE! But wouldn’t you know it, OF COURSE, something threatens their happiness and ability to be together. Honestly, I don’t know whats worse, India not being honest with Matt about her feelings in books one through four, or finally bearing their hearts and love to each other only to have his pesky family drama interfere.

It’s infuriating.

And I can’t get enough!

I like that we get some more fleshing out of some of our beloved secondary characters, most notably, Willie. Having such a diverse kind of character in this time period and setting was unexpected, but books need more of it! We got to see a more vulnerable side to Willie which really gave her much more depth as a character. As with the rest of the books in this series, there was plenty of heart stopping action to keep your adrenaline spiked. I’m not ashamed to admit I gasped, out loud, on more than one occasion in a public setting.

Book 6 has been ordered and on the way (thanks Amazon!), can’t wait to dive into it!

Until next week friends!




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