Book Review: The Apothecary’s Poison by CJ Archer

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Dear Bookworms,

Back this week with book 3 in the Glass & Steele Series and OH. MY. GOD. So many feels right now guys! That ending?! How can you end it on such a cliffhanger and why was I silly enough to not order the next in the series BEFORE I was on the last few chapters?! Rookie mistake…

A local doctor has been murdered, poisoned in fact, shortly after Matt and India paid him a visit to inquire about a recent “miracle” that had occurred and was reported on in the local papers. As Matt and India were some of the last people to see Dr. Hale alive, they are suspects in his murder. In an effort to help clear their names, the two embark on their own investigation to find the real killer. As they discover that he was murdered with an elixir infused with magic, the two investigate the apothecary’s guild, customers, and business partners alike. Suspects are piling up, and Matt and India find themselves in increasingly dangerous situations as someone tries to get them to back off the investigation. The two must race the clock (quite literally as Matt has yet to locate the mysterious Chronos to fix his life giving watch) and locate the real killer before they are taken in by Scotland Year or worse, murdered by the real killer. 

Holy geez guys. This series continues to grow and expand in ways that leave me an insane reading machine, tearing through chapters with abandon. The Matt/India relationship is literally KILLING ME. I will seriously spontaneously combust if this next book doesn’t have them communicating their feelings. And fracking Miss Glass! Can you please just give India your blessing already and cut it out with the “you have to marry into society crap”?! You’re killin me smalls! They compliment each other so well and their loyalty and devotion to one another is so apparent. Stupid high society London….

I enjoy watching these two work cases together and I can see the beginning to a great segue into a career for the two of them together. They are both smart and clever, balancing out each others shortcomings and drawing on each others strengths to make a pretty dynamic duo. As far as the plot, the plethora of suspects kept my wheels turning and there was no lack of action in this book. Our main characters were placed in plenty of heart stopping (some quite literally) situations which left me sweaty and anxious. You know that’s some good writing when you feel physical symptoms after an intense scene.

I suppose I will now be forced to stalk my mailbox as I anxiously await the delivery of book 4! With that shocking cliff hanger I would suggest just going ahead and buying the next one before you start this one! 

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