Book Review: Terra Nova by Shane Arbuthnott

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This weeks book was provided to me for free in exchange for an honest review.

Terra Nova

By Shane Arbuthnott

Terra Nova is the follow up novel to Dominion, taking place shortly after it’s ending. Molly and her family have teamed up with the Unionists, a faction of people fed up with Haviland Industries and their exploitation of the poor of Terra Nova. While the two groups don’t see eye to eye about the spirits, they unite under the common enemy of Haviland Industries to break into factories, freeing the workers and spirits alike. The rebellion becomes increasingly more dangerous as Disposal agents become equipped with more advanced weaponry and a formidably adversary comes back into the picture. As Molly risks everything for the cause she believes in, she questions herself as those she loves the most are put into jeopardy. Will Molly’s rebellion finally crush the oppressive regime of Haviland Industries and if so, at what cost? 

I really enjoyed this follow up to Dominion, even more so with the new glimpses into Molly’s world with the introduction of a new character Wiskacan (sidenote: I would be interested to read a story featuring Wiskacan and more about his home and way of life!). As with the previous novel, there were lots of underlying themes that I felt were really highlighted well. Oppression of those not like us plays a pretty pervasive part in much of humanities history. Oppression based on fear but also the hunger for power and maintaining the status quo in the world. Arbuthnott very cleverly reminds us that we can build the world up better and faster by working alongside of our neighbors, versus from the sweat of the oppressed brows. Much like its predecessor, this book was filled with action packed adventure, loveable spirits, and a fearless heroine in Molly. My favorite part of the book hands down was the glimpse into the font, seeing what the spirit side entailed. (Can I live there?!) 

I’m not sure if Molly Stouts adventure ends here, or if Arbuthnott has more up his sleeve, but this is definitely a series I would continue reading if so! 

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