Book Review: Strange Sight by Syd Moore

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Dear Bookworms, 

This weeks read was provided to me for free in exchange for an honest review. 

Having recently inherited the Essex Witch Museum, Rosie Strange and her curator Sam Stone have been roped into another strange situation. Owner of The Fleur restaurant, Ray Boundersby has hired the duo to investigate some eerie occurrences at his restaurant. Blood dripping from the walls, cases of patrons turning ill while dining, ominous messages found written on the walls, and the ghostly apparition of a bonnet clad woman has the restaurant on edge. Before the pairs scheduled appointment to check out the happenings, the chef of the restaurant is found dead, and the sole witness claims it was a ghost.

This book is the second in a planned series but written in a way that allows the reader to read them independently or in succession. Moore did a good job of providing some backstory which was pertinent to understanding the main characters and some insight to their unique relationship. Rosie was a fun and likable character; witty, skeptical, and sarcastic with a teensy bit of prissiness which made her involvement in, what I imagine is essentially ghost hunting, quite comical at times. Sam was the steady, academic type, the perfect balance to this budding duo.

The book at times felt a tad long winded and dragging but was overall enjoyable. I liked how the author was able to incorporate science and fact based logic while continuing to keep an air of the supernatural. The ending was fulfilling and left just enough questions to keep me engaged and eager for the next in the series.

I think this series has great potential as Rosie discovers and explores more about her familial background and I am certain there is no end to the amount of ghostly business they can drum up in a city so rich in history!

Overall, I would recommend this read and would continue reading along with the series!

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