Book Review: Stardust by Neil Gaiman

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Dear Bookworms,

First of all, let me just say (ashamedly) that I have watched, and re-watched, and re-re-watched this movie dozens of times.

This one ranks right up there with Princess Bride for me (GASP!). So it pains to me say that upon originally seeing the movie (and the millions of times watching it after) that I had no clue it was originally a Gaiman book.

For shame!

Needless to say when I found out it was a book I HAD TO READ IT. When I realized it was by Gaiman, I knew I would love it probably even more than the movie.

This book

Tristran Thorne lives in the small quaint town of Wall, England. Named so for the stone wall which divides the town from the land of faerie.

The wall is guarded day and night with strict instructions not to let anyone pass, except for when the market comes, once every 9 years to set up in the meadow just outside the town. That’s the land between Wall and faerie.

The plot

In the hopes of winning the most beautiful girl in towns affections, Tristran Thorne sets off on an adventure in faerie to bring his beloved back a fallen star.

Little does he know, the fallen star isn’t just a lump of metallic space rock, but a young woman. And he isn’t the only one seeking her out.

Others search for the star as well, but for reasons which will do her great harm.

Meanwhile, the King of Stormhold has passed and his remaining sons are on a quest through faerie in search of his bewitched jeweled necklace, for whoever of the Stormhold blood finds it first, will hold all the power of Stormhold and become it’s next reigning king.

So, did I like the book as much as the movie?

This book has stolen my heart all over again with love for the story of Tristran and Yvaine.

While there are marked differences between the book and the movie adaptation, it was still the story I have loved for so many years (which was a relief- I was secretly nervous I wouldn’t enjoy it having seen the movie so many times- usually it’s the other way around for me!)

It was expertly crafted and woven together with the various different elements that played into the story of Tristran and Yvaine. It was almost as if their love for each other was written in the stars from the beginning (you see what I did there?)

Unequivocal Gaiman’s style

There was that signature wry and dry humor a plenty which I have come to expect and enjoy with Gaiman’s reads.

The only critique I have with the difference to the movie is that I really, thoroughly enjoyed Robert DeNiros character (the captain of the ship that caught lightening for all you all who have seen the movie) and all the time Tristran and Yvaine had on the pirate ship in the movie which just wasn’t the same or as prominent a part in the book.

Pirate part aside, the book was simply magical and wonderful and now I feel the need to watch the movie to be with the characters again, for just a little longer.

Check out the audiobook

I will say, the audiobook version I listened to (read by Neil- hands down one of my favorite narrators) had a really lovely interview with Neil at the end that made for interesting listening.

He discussed how he came up with the idea for the story and the different stages of its genesis. Fascinating listen!

A note of caution:

As a side note- I know the movie is family friendly but the book is more for older teen/adults.

Did you read the book and watch the movie? Let me know down below what your favorite part was!

Until next week!



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