Book Review: River by India R. Adams

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Dear Bookworms,

This weeks read was provided to me for free in exchange for an honest review.

River (Book 2 of the Stranger in the Woods series) picks right up where book one left off. Rose has given birth to the Prophecy Rain, and the little family is settling into life within their elven village. Rose and Rain are under heavy guard due to the threats and attempts on her life by the evil King of the Shadow Clones.


When Rose and Rain are kidnapped by The King and taken into hell, Ryder, Gunner, and the entire band of Warrior Elves search relentlessly and fight ruthlessly for their return. While on the journey to rescuing his females, Ryder is confronted with troubling information about his lineage. In this battle of life and death, good versus evil, the past will come to haunt the present, and no one is safe from The King.

Man oh man…. I have been waiting ages (it seems like ages but was probably more like months ha!) for this book to come out. I just could not get enough of Rose, Ryder, and the whole elf way of life when I read Rain and book two definitely sustained my ever growing craving. The whole elf society and structure is so beautifully crafted; it emanates goodness and loyalty, and damn if I don’t want an elf male for my own (sorry again husband) even more!

Besides the beautifully, ever growing relationship between Rose and Ryder (which, kill me now, they are fantastic and lovable and oh so steamy together), I enjoyed watching Gunner fall in love and find that special female of his own. They way the two couples were able to blend into this awesome unit together (not in a freaky way, relax people) was very fitting.

There was SO. MUCH. ACTION. in this book. I recommend keeping a Xanax handy because you’re certainly gonna need it. It was one heart stopping rollercoaster of danger after another, and just when I was able to calm myself, thinking “Oh great! Danger is over- everyone’s safe – everyone can live happily ever after- whew”, Adams jarred me real quick back into the danger zone. And can I just say that ending was such a shocker! Was not expecting that one AT. ALL. It was definitely a cliffhanger (damn you India!)

So I guess I will just have to patiently wait (HA! yea right) for the third installment, Mist, to continue on with my characters story.  

This one is being release on Feb 9th, so hope on over to .. 

Amazon and get your copy!

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