Book Review: Rash by Lisa Kusel

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Dear Bookworms, 

This weeks read was provided to me for free in exchange for an honest review.

Lisa Kusel, writer, wife, and mother of one shares this lighthearted memoir about the time a move to Bali almost ruined her marriage. Seizing an opportunity of a lifetime, Lisa and her husband Victor uproot their cozy life in California and move to Bali with their 5 year old child, Loy. Victor plans to teach at The Green School, an up and coming eco-friendly school he is sure will be revolutionary, while Lisa continues to work on her next novel; all to the picturesque backdrop of the Balinese jungle. What was supposed to be a beautiful, enriching, professionally developing opportunity quickly strains the marriage in a way that Lisa is unsure they can come back from. Told in a humorous, almost self deprecating tone, Lisa has a writing style which keeps the reader engaged with plenty of humor to keep me turning pages.  

Who would have thought moving to BALI could be such a pain? Sure, it all sounds fine and dandy in theory right? Luscious rain-forests, up and coming eco-friendly educational system, and a personal cook/maid are the things of most suburban moms dreams. But living life in the jungle isn’t as glamorous as Lisa and Victor thought it would be, proving that open jungle living exposes them in a way that forces the couple to examine themselves and their relationship to each other in a way that they have never had to before. From a house with no walls, nightly ant attacks, sweltering heat, and unpredictable indoor plumbing- Lisa faces one disaster after another. In order for their marriage to survive, Lisa has to take a good hard look at that now exposed side of herself and decide if she’s going to change, or let her misery eat her and her marriage alive. There was enough well placed humor in the book that it was a light read, never too heavy or disheartening. An overall satisfying read, and one I would recommend to any of my friends who enjoy a good lighthearted memoir!

I’m new to the world of memoirs, what are some of your favorites? Let me know in the comments!




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