Book Review: Queen of Air and Darkness by Cassandra Clare

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Dear Bookworms,

My cup overflown with joy at this book.

Seriously guys….my heart!

Book Three in the Dark Artifices series picks up right where book 2 leaves off (you can read up on both book 1 and 2’s reviews here) .

What is Book 3 about?

The Blackthornes are mourning the death of Livia. Julian takes drastic measures to extinguish the fire of his forbidden love for his parabatai Emma. A sickness has seeped into the world mortally weakening warlocks, and the Black Volume of the Dead has been stolen and taken away to Faerie.

With little time for mourning, Julian and Emma embark on a dangerous covert mission to Faerie in order to bring back the Black Volume of the Dead before civil war breaks out in Alicante.

When the two unexpectedly find themselves hurtled into an alternate reality, Thule, they come face to face with a horrible, twisted version of their world, one they may not survive.

With all the forces of the world bearing down on them, they must work together to survive this land. They must get back home, cure the blight that is slowly spreading throughout their land sickening the warklocks, and stop the bigoted newly elected Head Counsil before their community is ripped apart. With the threat of the parabatai curse looming ever nearer, Julian and Emma seem to be fighting an uphill battle.

So…how’s book three?

Cassandra Clare is a writing goddess.

Her books are so intricate, deep, and well written they are one of my favorite worlds to get lost in. Clare has no limit to her ability to weave tales so complicated and heart wrenching that you find yourself utterly immersed and completely addicted.

To stop reading is physically painful people!

You just don’t ever want to leave her universe! At 880 pages there is no lack of action and plot development. She broke my heart countless times, filled me with hope, kept me on the edge of my literal seat throughout the entire book.

Her ability to build worlds is truly remarkable and I am convinced she is a warlock sharing a piece of Shadowhunter to us mundanes. There was quite a bit of character development with not only Julian and Emma but Christina, Mark, Keirian, Diana, Ty, and Kit.

More than just a fantasy world

Everyone, while fighting towards the common goals of the larger arc of the plot, also went through immense personal growth, experiencing their own personal struggles to get there. Clare once again touches on issues prevalent in today tumultuous political climate.

Themes like bigotry and xenophobia were woven within the plot and was very reflective of some of the issues we face even today. The complex and diverse relationships found within not only this book but the series as a whole is filled with an honestly and depth that was really amazing to read and watch unfold.

I fell in love with Chistina, Mark, and Kierian. Their love was so pure and so honest. I swooned over Diane and Gwyn and the quiet strength of their relationship. And obviously Julian and Emma, that relationship has driven me crazy for 3, 800+ page books and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

I’m sure it goes without saying considering this entire review has been one long fangirl squeal but if you haven’t read any- PLEASE add anything and everything Shadowhunter to your TBR. You will hate me because it will consume your life but you will love me forever for pushing you to jump into this world you will never want to leave.

Until next week!



P. S I would also like to take a minute to point out how stunning the inside of the book jacket and all of the art interspersed throughout the book is. It is absolutely amazing!

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