Book Review: Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter

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Dear Bookworms,

Good grief this was a heavy read. I did want to add a trigger warning to this one for extreme violence and sexual assault. If you are sensitive to those topics in a read, this one probably isn’t for you.

What is the book about?

Two sisters, estranged for over twenty years after the disappearance of their oldest sister tore their family apart, are content living their vastly separate lives.

Claire, a multi- millionaire trophy wife, spends her days playing tennis and arranging social events.

Lydia, an ex-junkie with a teenage daughter and an ex-con boyfriend, owns her own pet grooming business, scrapping together to provide what she can for her daughter; she leads a quiet if comfortable life. It took her years after the disappearance of their sister Julia to get her life back on the straight and narrow.

The plot

Claire finds her life turned upside down after a botched robbery results in the death of her husband; and when the FBI starts snooping around her house asking questions about her husband, Claire isn’t sure what to think and starts digging herself.

When Claire finds shocking evidence of her husbands vile, violent secret life, she reaches out to Lydia, after over twenty years.

The two sisters find themselves wrapped up in something far more sinister and dangerous than either could have imagined.

Connections are forged between their sisters disappearance over 20 years ago, and Pauls murder in that ally. The two are racing against the clock to connect the dots, before it’s too late and what’s left of their family is irrevocable torn apart.

Despite the violence, did I like it?

Let me start off by saying this was a fantastic read.

The attention to detail, the twists and turns (THE TWISTS AND TURNS!) made for an absolutely riveting read.

It was deeply chilling and disturbing; I got literal goosebumps while reading. Beneath all the horrible violence and evil, there was a bravery and resilience that was reaffirming to read.

Despite what the two sisters were up against, they fought. And I don’t mean physically (although there was that and it was oh so satisfying) but they fought with their minds and they fought to not give up.

It’s all about strength and resilience

There were moments that I was sure one or the other would crumble under the pressure, but their resilience always shone through. They leaned on each other when they were too overwhelmed to handle the pressure, and isn’t that what’s so special about relationships with those we love?

We shoulder the burdens when they can’t carry them anymore and they do they same for us. This read a fast paced ball of action, there were literally no dull moments.

Slaughter definitely has me hooked (and man what a name for a crime thriller writer huh?) and I will be sure to add her other novels to by never ending TBR list.

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