Book Review: Midnight Crossroad by Charlaine Harris

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Dear Bookworms,I’ve been a big fan of Charlaine Harris ever since I devoured her Sookie Stackhouse series (seriously- amazing reads if you are into supernatural stuff). So of course I had to check out another of her acclaimed series, Midnight Texas.

What is this book about?

The town of Midnight Texas is small. Everyone knows everyone and there isn’t much in Midnight, but what there are plenty of, are secrets. When newcomer Manfred Bernardo settles into town it doesn’t take long for drama to ensue.

While picnicing with locals, the body of a missing Midnight woman is discovered. Suspicion immediately falls on her boyfriend and local business owner, Bobo (yes, that is really his name unfortunately) and his friends and fellow townspeople ban together to clear his name. With no shortage of suspects considering everyone has a murky past, can the residents of Midnight figure out who the killer is, before someone else is hurt?

My thoughts

While no Sookie Stackhouse, this series is definitely worthy of a read. There was no shortage of interesting characters with unique and quirky backstories.

While it took a little while to build up to some good tension and excitement, Harris did eventually get us there and the ending was no disappointment. There was just enough backstory and mystery dolled out about each of the towns main residents to keep me intrigued and engaged.

Two more to come

I will for sure be reading the other two in the series to see what other secrets are revealed. I did enjoy the same eerie and supernatural feel as the Sookie Stackhouse books, between witches, vampires, and psychics there was no shortage of supernatural characters in this one. There was a set up to some good (hopefully) budding relationships in the the follow up books so I can’t wait to see those unfold!

Overall solid read, interesting characters, and enough mystery to keep you guessing!

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