Book Review: It Ends with Us by Colleen Hoover

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Dear Bookworms,

It Ends with Us: A Novel

By Colleen Hoover

All the feels this week guys, all the feels. So I blindly chose this read to fulfill my reading challenge prompt of “A Goodreads choice awards winner”. I perused Goodreads lists, as one would, and the cover caught my eye. I saw that it was a romance, which I don’t tend to gravitate towards regularly (my experience with romance novels consists of 50 Shades of Grey) but it obviously was well liked being a Goodreads winner and all so I just went with it.

It was not what I was expecting AT. ALL. In all the best/worst ways.

Lily Bloom grew up watching her father beat her mother. She hated him for it and even hated her mother at times for staying all those years. She finds a kindred spirit in Atlas Corrigan, abused and hurt by his own family and now living in the abandoned house behind Lilys. The two connect over their shared history of violence and soon develop a deep and unwavering bond, her first love, until Lilys dad almost kills him.

Lily finishes highschool, then college, and settles herself into a life in Boston, Atlas left firmly in the past. Her father has since died, and on the night of his funeral, meets a handsome neurosurgeon, Ryle Kincaid, fighting his own inner demons. Through chance and circumstance, the two find themselves embroiled in a steamy romance. When things start to get serious with Ryle, Lily runs into Atlas again in Boston, opening a floodgate of emotions.

Ok, so let me just say, this is not your typical romance. Or maybe it is? I don’t know, I don’t read much of it, but it was not what I was expecting at all. Here I was thinking it would be a “who’s-she-gonna-choose-insert-steamy-love-scenes-swoon-the-end” type of book. While yes, there are some great love scenes (let me emphasize the GREAT) but there was a depth and heaviness to the book that left me shook. There are some graphic depictions of domestic violence and rape which while unsettling was neither overly done nor gratuitous. It was necessary and raw. It was a well written insight into the mind and emotions of victims of domestic violence which really gave me such a better understanding of the cycle.

5 star rating for It Ends With Us- don’t let its categorization of “romance” scare you away, it was so much more, and so much deeper than I was thinking it would be!

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