Book Review: Find Her by Lisa Gardner

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Dear Bookworms,

Ooooo-eeeee do I have a good thriller for you guys this week!

Kidnapped seven years ago while on a college spring break trip, Flora Dane spent 472 days learning just how much she can endure, and what she would do to survive. Much of her time was spent locked in a wooden coffin, as her abductor slowly broke her down into a compliant, albeit petrified, plaything. Since her dramatic rescue five years ago, Flora has been unable to return to a life of normalcy despite her attempts to pick up where she left off in life. She is no longer the carefree girl from a farm in Maine, she’s now a stranger to her mother and brother. After a night out on the town, she is found naked and bound in a garage, her attacker dead. Entangling herself into the cases of three missing girls from her area, Flora finds herself in grave danger, with her past creeping back in to haunt her once more. While Chicago Detective DD Warren is investigating what exactly happened that lead to Flora being abducted and held in the garage (and if she is in fact a victim or a vigilante), Flora turns up missing. Can the tireless detectives of the Boston PD and her assigned victims specialist advocate piece together the clues in time to find Flora before it’s too late? 

So I have never read any books by Lisa Gardner but you can bet your ass I’ll now be picking up anything I can get my hands on by her! Told in alternating perspectives (first person from Flora, and third person from Boston PD Detective DD Warren) with chronological flashbacks of her 472 days in captivity, Lisa Gardner takes you on a twisty turny ride of who dun it. As with any good thriller, just when I think I have everything figured out in my head, a new piece of information is uncovered or revealed which left me right back at square one. Heart racing page turner at it’s best, this was one book I could not put down. This is a book about survivors, heartbreaking and exquisitely written. I can’t recommend this one enough!

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