Book Review: Blue Waters by India R. Adams

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Dear Bookworms, 

This weeks read was provided to me for free in exchange for an honest review.

Whitney (Whit) Summers leads an exceptionally privileged life (much to her chagrin). Her dream of becoming a professional dancer is scoffed by her parents who have lofty goals of her graduating her elite prep school, and attending Harvard to ultimately enter medical school. With parents who are mostly absent, she clings to her friends as a lifeline, her lifelong friend Link in particular. Whit’s life takes an unexpected turn one day when she meets the dangerously handsome Crash, and their whirlwind relationship is electric from the first meeting. Crash is most definitely hiding something, a dangerous past secret that ultimately threatens everyone Whit cares about. 

This novella was a quick read, just a couple hours but man was it packed with a whirlwind of emotion and action. There were some interesting twists and turns, many that I did not see coming. The ending was a major cliffhanger for sure and I will have to read the second in this collection, Black Waters, soon for some peace of mind (Hopefully? Will there be peace of mind?!). I was immediately captivated from the prologue, it was beautifully written, almost lyrical in it’s prose. The whole story is very reminiscent of a modern day Romeo and Juliette and I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t be very majorly bummed if Whit and Crash suffer the same fate as the famous star crossed lovers. I felt there was some groundwork laid, and some hints planted that perhaps another relationship could bloom but I am seriously hoping those were some sort of red herrings because I don’t know how I would feel about that. (Yes I understand I become way to emotionally invested in the relationships of fictional characters ok?). I think everyone has that corner of there heart that is always won over by the mysterious bad boy, and Crash definitely won over a piece of mine. What is it that’s so intoxicating about them?! Overall it was a well written book that I am eager to continue reading with the next novella! 

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