Book Review: Blue Lily, Lily Blue by Maggie Stiefvater (Book 3 of The Raven Cycle)

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Dear Bookworms,

Wooo-eeee things are getting intense over here people!

Book three picks up several weeks after the end of book two, Maura is missing, Adam is distancing himself further from the group while trying to figure out what it is that Cabsewater wants, and an unwelcome guest sets up shop in Henrietta. Forever on the hunt for understanding and uncovering clues that will led them to Glendower, the teens stumble upon and awaken (or release?) a women entombed in a cave on the ley line. A 600+ year old woman. A pretty insane woman, truth be told. Gansey and Blue grow ever closer as the team unearths information and fights new enemies. Not everyone will live to fight another day, secrets once in the dark will come to light, and a formidable enemy may have just been released into the world. 

Things are getting real people. With only one more book left in the series, Maggie is really ranking up the intensity. The developing relationship between Gansey and Blue is seriously heartbreaking ya’ll. I know the whole “star crossed lovers” thing is a theme used a lot, especially in YA but it seems so real and fresh with these books. Maybe its Maggie’s suburb writing style, so fresh and imaginative, or perhaps it’s the underlying themes of destiny and fate and how malleable the future can be, but however she does it, it’s golden!  The assimilation of the new supporting characters, namely Mallory and Mr. Grey is so fluid, everyone playing their part and adding their unique personalities to the group (and the mission) as a whole. I seriously couldn’t get enough of Gwenllian. She was a hoot! The dialogue between characters is always so witty and honest. I really enjoyed reading even more about Ronans family life and the villains of this book are certainly unforgettable. Paige?! She isn’t one for blending into the background of a story…

I am SO anxious to start the final book in the series, I have to know what happens with Blue’s curse. I feel like I have an inkling of where it may go but I can’t be certain….

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