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If you follow along with our blog, you know we recently took a 7 day cruise to the Caribbean. While it was beautiful and wonderful and magical and all those other lovely adjectives one usually uses to describe the tropics, we had some serious anxiety about one issue in particular. 

Bathing suits.

(Cue dramatic music)

Since the birth of our daughters 7 years ago, neither Mia nor myself has braved a beach or pool in a bikini. We settled for concealing but cute one pieces, and were resigned to stay covered up on the sidelines in our suits and cover-ups and let me tell you how much fun that is….. not so much!

It sucks to hang around the fringes of the poolside, hot and under layers because we are too nervous to show a little skin while everyone else is running free without a care in the world. 

So this trip we made a pact.


Our husbands have told us for years “Wear the two piece! No one cares! You look great in whatever.” (Scored some brownie points with that one). But dang if it isn’t hard to quell that inner voice telling you that your legs are too full of cellulite, your tummy isn’t has tight as it once was, and your top half is, well…..lacking. But you know what I say to that little voice?


We bought those two pieces and proudly (ok timidly at first, but eventually proudly) swam in that water, sun bathed on a lounge chair, and explored the islands in, you guess it, those bikinis. Cellulite, surgery scars, some extra jiggle and all. 

I’m not gonna lie and say it was easy, or that I wasn’t nervous or intimidated by other more buxom/toned bodies, but I will say that I am so proud of us for doing it. No one on that cruise ship or on that beach cared a lick what I looked like and the only people whose opinion I value, don’t care a lick about how I look in a bathing suit. My friends like me because I am funny and kind and like a good Harry Potter joke, not because I do or don’t have abs. (Let me insert here that if you do have friends who care if you do or don’t have abs, you need some new friends, seriously, you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life).


There you have it people, video-graphic proof of our accomplishment! 

So, to all you ladies and gents out there struggling with self esteem issues, or dreading going to participate in a social activity involving a swim suit, just put on the dang thing and have some fun! No one will ever be more critical of you than yourself (damn asshole brains), swallow that fear and criticism and… 

Dive right in, the waters great.


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