A strange mystery turned supernatural: Lost by Gregory Maguire

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Dear Bookworms,

As someone who is a huge fan of Gregory Maguire and read almost all of his books (Wicked, Hiddensee, Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister, etc) this one was a huge disappointment.

Let me explain…

I have always thought Maguire had such a unique way to bring fresh new life into classic fairy tales; giving his reader a different perspective on some of the lesser thought of characters.

This book, while loosely based on the classic Dickens novel, A Christmas Carol, takes place in today’s time (unlike his other novels) and was some sort of strange mashup of a mystery and supernatural.

What is this book about?

Winifred Rudge travels from her home in the USA to London in order to continue research for her upcoming novel on Jack the Ripper. When she arrives to the flat of a distant cousin, only to find a workman doing construction, and her cousin missing, she is miffed. It isn’t like her cousin to not communicate with her a change of plans.

As Winifred begins to investigate her cousins whereabouts, her unease grows when strange noises begin coming from the flats chimney. Convinced the flat is haunted by a malevolent supernatural force, Winifred spirals into madness while searching for her cousin.

So, what did I really think about it?

This one was all over the place to me. What seems to be a straightforward mystery takes a turn into supernatural, which then veers off again into an unrequited love story, which then comes back to ghosts and just ends in a strange…mess?

The only real connection to A Christmas Carol at all is that the “haunted” flat which has been in the family for generations, was once owned by a man rumored to be the basis of Ebeneezer Scrooges character.

To put it simply, I spent much of the time “Lost” while reading this.

A final thought

In my opinion, Maguire should stick with what he does best, deliver a clever twist on classic stories and leave the mystery/thought provoking reads to someone else.

Have you read this book? I’d be interested in getting your two cents.

Till next week bookworms.



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