4th of July. Celebrating a Great Nation.

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I’m not going to give you a history lesson.  We all know what happened July 4th 1776.  But what I do want to talk about is the amazing fact that our nation has celebrated its greatness every year, for way over two centuries.  I think Independence Day provides a good opportunity to remind ourselves of how fortunate we are; a good opportunity to celebrate our nation, our people, our heritage, our freedom. 

As an American that lived abroad for many years (in Colombia, South America to be exact), I can attest to the wonders of this country.  It’s sad to think that so many people take this land for granted.  Yes, I know there are many real obstacles in life, but this is the land of opportunity.  No other country in the world offers the freedom and the numerous avenues to attain the sense of self-accomplishment and success that we all crave from time to time.  No other country in the world lets you do this.

Contrary to popular (yellow press) belief, our reality as a nation is far better than what we see in the news. Please don’t let yourself get absorbed by the media and the political propaganda of the election year. Your nation, OUR nation is great already! – yes, there might be a thing, or two, or three to change, but that’s just a political stand point-  We let ourselves get brainwashed by what we see and forget the beauty of what is already around us

I have a proposition for you.  This 4th of July, celebrate, not only the Independence of our beloved Nation, but also those who serve it, those who have died for it, and those who are part of it. 

Celebrate YOU, regardless of your background, social status, religion, race, sexual orientation, or heritage.

Celebrate your neighbor, your friends, your family and everyone that makes part of us, because it was UNITY that led this great nation to sign the Declaration of Independence, and it’ll be only UNITY what will lead us into a peaceful future.

United we are strong.  All people, from all backgrounds included.  Diversity is a powerful tool, and if we hinder this wonderful gift that comes with different cultures, different ideas, and different beliefs, we are denying ourselves and our children of the real greatness of this country. Embrace the fact that we are all different, we are all unique; we are the United States of America. Happy 4th of July! Let the fireworks begin!

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