2018 Year in Review

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Dear Bookworm,

Another year another (56) book (s)! And for the first time EVER, I actually completed my book reading challenge. I always read enough books, I just always get sidetracked with a new series or get stuck in a thriller binge and get off track from my prompts but this year I actually did it! Behold!

So my favorite reads of the year? In no particular order, here’s my top 5!

1) The Hate U Give:

Timely and relevant, this book sheds a light on the issues of police brutality and racial disparities within the criminal justice system. Starr Carters strong voice as the MC and her journey of self discovery is deserving of every bit of the hype it’s received this year.

2) Yellow Crocus/Mustard Seed:

This historical fiction follows the lives of two women born in the deep south pre-civil war. Although their lives and upbringings couldn’t be more different with one a privileged plantation owners daughter, the other a field hand/wet nurse, the way their lives entwined and the bond they forged was beautiful and at times, heartbreaking to read.

3) Ravenspire Series:

(The Shadow Queen, The Wish Granter, and The Traitor Prince) Set in the fantasy world of Ravenspire, these books are takes on classic fairytales of old. I read all three in the series this year (all independent of one another and can be read alone or in conjunction with each other) and loved them each! This world is rich and imaginative and I am eagerly awaiting the next to be published this year, The Blood Spell.

4) Glass and Steele Series:

This historical fantasy takes place in the early 1920’s London. It features a robust character set and is filled with magic, intrigue, and mystery. There are seven in the series (so far?) and I have torn through the first 5 with zeal. A wonderful series to get lost in!

5) BearTown:

A small hockey town is rocked with allegations of a brutal crime at a highschool party. So many important themes and issues tackled in this book it’s a relevant read. This story could be one of millions of girls/women’s stories and delves deep into the cultural norms that cultivate these behaviors in boys and also how crimes of sexual assault are investigated and prosecuted (or not).


I’m including Rupi Kaurs two books of poetry, Milk and Honey & The Sun and Her Flowers as a favorite this year too. Very short books of poetry and prose, I found them each captivating! Simple and heartfelt with illustrations to accompany the passages, I have a new found love of poetry after reading these!

What did you all love in 2018? Drop me a comment with your favorites!



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