Book Review: Freeks by Amanda Hocking

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Dear Bookworms,

Hello again! So a few things about this weeks read. First of all, I absolutely fell in love with this book when I saw the cover, isn’t it gorgeous?! We all know I am a sucker for a beautiful cover, and this one is a looker folks. Secondly, I have been a huge fan of Amanda Hocking ever since I devoured her Trylle series (sidenote: please read those books if you haven’t!) It should come as no surprise that when I heard she was publishing a stand alone book I had to scoop it up. 

Mara, 19, travels the country with her mother as a part of Gideon Davorians Traveling Carnival. Filled with friends who have turned into family, most everyone involved in the carnival is special, or possess a unique ability. The show has been summoned to Caudry, Louisiana in what was promised to be a 10 day stint with a pretty hefty payout upon completion. Caudry proves to be a place harboring its own secrets. Everyone’s abilities seem to go on the fritz since entering this small town and something is stalking the carnival at night; something dangerous and deadly. Mara is also inexplicably drawn to a local, Gabe, who harbors his own secrets. Something about him screams at Maras insides that he’s dangerous. Can Mara and her carnival family figure out who (or what) is picking them off one by one, and more importantly, can they stop it?

I came into this book with high hopes being that I was already an Amanda Hocking fan, and surprise surprise, I was not disappointed. I know I have an unhealthy obsession with literary characters (I make no apologies), but dang it if I didn’t just add another literary love to my life. Gabe is a dreamboat people! There I said it…..His and Mara’s strong pull and chemistry with one another just left this chick weak in the knees. This mysterious love unfolding to the backdrop of an increasingly dangerous and dark plot and conflict made it extra heady. I couldn’t get enough of all the carnival “freaks” and to be honest, I fantasized more than once about running away with the circus while reading this book. (Besides the whole supernatural entity stalking and attacking them, it seemed like such an exciting nomadic way of life.) And about that….there were quite a few surprises throughout this read, some I had figured out, others I had not. The ending was exactly what I had hoped for (thank you Amanda!). Even though it was written as a standalone novel, this is definitely a literary world I would love to read more of!

Check out Amanda Hockings website here for more info on all her published works.

You can pick up a copy of Freeks here on Amazon.

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