The Best Damn Bookbox Review

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What is it?

I ran across this account on Instagram and was instantly sold on the idea. A monthly, themed subscription box containing a popular YA book, along with 5 bookish related items centering around said theme. A bookworms dream come true right?! 

How Much?

These suckers are on the pricey side, running $39.99 a month plus shipping, $6.99 if you are in the US, $10.99 for Canada, and $19.99 for international. You can opt to pay for 3 month ($89.99) or 6 month ($169.99) subscription upfront to save a little cash. Even so, it’s a hefty up front sum. Your credit card info is entered at time of initial purchase and renewed automatically the 1st of each month unless you reach out and cancel your subscription so make sure to keep up with it if you plan on only trying it out once! I found a coupon code for 40% off and decided to take advantage of the savings and try out a 3 month subscription. Keep in mind that the shipping cost is applied to each months box so I paid almost $21 in shipping in addition to the cost of the subscription. 

Show me your box!

So my first themed box was Beauty and the Beast which I was super stoked about because that’s the first movie I remember seeing in the theaters as a kid, and the Beasts library?! #librarygoals I’ve been stalking the UPS guys since I received my tracking number last week and finally today was the day! After taking a few shots of the box to show you lovely people, I tore right in. Inside was a tissue paper and ribbon wrapped parcel containing the recently released novel A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Mass (a retelling of Beauty and the Beast), a gorgeously packaged bag of tea, a white chocolate covered lemon cookie, a small candle, a super cute old fashioned key necklace, a handcrafted watermark bookmark, and 3 (smallish) pieces of artwork (perfect to adorn the shelves of my new to come library!). There was also a smartly types letter detailing the boxes contents, where they came from, and how to purchase more. 

So?! What did you think?

Shipping: Boxes are supposed to be shipped between the 20th and 25th of each month. Due to the overwhelming volume and being a fairly new, home run business, the May boxes ran super late.  I received mine on June 28th. I will say that despite the delay, Nicole (owner) kept everyone abreast of how shipping was coming along and what delays she was running into via her Instagram account. 

Presentation: While it wasn’t the most elegant interior packaging in the world, it was nice enough, and I took into consideration that it had been jostled around in the back of a UPS truck for the past week, so I was satisfied. 

Items: I will say I was slightly bummed that the book was the second in a series, and I had not read the first, which means I will have to buy/rent/loan the first in order to even really begin enjoying my box. In my opinion it would be a better idea to stick with stand alone books or the first in a series. However, I am in love with all the other items I received! The candle will make a nice addition to my new library and smells lovely. The chocolate covered lemon cookie, while a tad melty (I blame the 100 degree scorching southern sun) was delicious! The theme inspired artwork is adorable and what bookworm doesn’t love a bookmark. The tea was a nice touch especially paired with the scrumptious cookie, they made for a relaxing reading sesh. And that necklace? Loved


I plan on updating you guys on the other two boxes I have coming my way and am super pumped to see whats in store. Junes box is Game of Thrones themed *insert fan girl squeal here* 

Have you guys tried out The Best Damn Book Box? Or anything similar? Share please! This bookworm is always looking for fun new bookish things! 

UPDATE: December 2016

Man I am bummed about this one! Such a cool concept for a monthly subscription box for a bookworm like myself and I was all sorts of pumped about it. I cut them some slack with the major delay in shipping for my first box (Beauty and the Beast themed) because Nicole, the owner seemed very transparent via social media on the unexpected delays. The product was so nice as well, I really wanted to give them another chance. Unfortunately as the months progressed, the delays continued, for a myriad of reasons. Nicole was not responsive to email inquires and concerns. After my subscription auto- renewed in November for another 3 months I had had enough. (I had not received even ONE of my boxes from my previous three month subscription at that point). I sent countless emails and a dozen DM’s on Instagram which were ignored. I finally reached out to Cratejoy who quickly and promptly refunded my entire subscription renewal as well as a partial refund for my previous renewal. (Excellent customer service Cratejoy!). 

Overall I would NOT recommend this book subscription- look around on Cratejoy and find sometime comparable and don’t waste your time here. It’s unfortunate for sure because, like I said, the product and presentation were really great, but the poor customer service and significant delays just weren’t worth it. 

Ya win some ya loose some! 


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