Book Review: Pretty Baby by Mary Kubica

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Dear Bookworms,

This weeks book review is another (yes another) book by Mary Kubica. I devoured her other two books, Don’t You Cry & The Good Girl and have been itching to read Pretty Baby ever since. 

Heidi Wood is a bleeding heart known by her family and friends for her tireless work at her non profit in Chicago. Everything from helping refugees learn to speak English to tutoring adults for their GED, Heidi is a sucker for someone in need. Much to her husband and 12 year old daughters chagrin, Heidi comes home one night with a rain soaked, seemingly homeless teenager, infant in tow. So begins the rapid decent into chaos and danger as Heidi, her husband, and their own daughter deal with this quiet and elusive house guest. Past loss and shocking trauma steer these characters into a full blown crisis that tears more than one family apart. Someone is hiding deadly secrets, but who?

Once again, Kubica delivers a stellar read! Told in much the same style of her previous books, alternating chapters from three characters perspectives; Heidi, Chris (her husband), and Willow (the vagabond teen). Willows perspective is not told in real time with the main story line but after, with her recalling her childhood up until the recent events, giving the reader valuable insight into her backstory. Kubica does a great job of slowly building the tension of the plot, parceling out bits and pieces of the story until you reach the startling conclusion (didn’t see that one coming AT ALL). Kubicas writing style is so hypnotizing and engrossing, her attention to detail impeccable. Both heartbreaking and heart stopping, make sure you clear your calendar before picking this one up because I promise you, you won’t want to put it down!

Check out Mary Kubicas website here and stay up to date on her works and apperances!

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