The Pack Rat Saga: Update

So if you guys have been following along with our blog (if not, what are you waiting for dummy? Subscribe and don’t miss all the good stuff!), you know that we recently sold our family home of seven years and stored everything into PackRats as we waited for the closing date on our new home. Missed that post? Read it here.

I felt like I needed to provide you guys with some follow up information, in case you were worried for all my worldly possessions in the hands of the ever so disorganized PackRat corporation.

I am pleased to announce that not only were my PackRats delivered right on time (gasp!) but they were also my actual PackRats, with all of my belongings. I had feared they would deliver some other unit (valid fear people- for real read the original post).

Now comes the fun (insert sarcasm and eye roll here) task of unpacking and organizing all the crap loaded up inside these two suckers. I am sensing the need for a beer run soon…

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