Book Review: The Blood Spell by CJ Redwine

Book Review: The Blood Spell by CJ Redwine

Dear Bookworms


No but for real, Redwine has built such an intricate and enthralling universe in the Ravenspire novels and the latest, The Blood Spell, is just as captivating as it’s predecessors. (Tagged at the bottom of this post, check them out!)

Living in Balavata, where magic is outlawed means Blue de la Cour must be careful. Magic runs through her veins but she quietly works through her days at her fathers alchemy shop, working in secret to perfect her latest spell, turning common metals into gold. Her plan is to help the poor, forgotten orphans of her town with it, but to be caught means certain death.

Recently returned from boarding school, Prince Kellan only has a few weeks to pick his betrothed and announce an engagement to the kingdom. He loathes the political parlays, often seeking escapes to swim in the treacherous waters of the ocean that claimed the life of his father when he was a child.

Tragedy and circumstance bring Blue and Kellan back together, having been long time frienamies. When children start disappearing from the streets and someone has begun to use magic to kill townspeople, Blue and Kellan must work together to save Balavata.

As with her previous novels, this one can be read independently of the others, or even in different orders without sacrificing anything from the book- but I promise- you will want to read them all!

Chalked full of forbidden love, unspeakable tragedy, and heartstopping action, this book is a must read!

Based loosely on the tale of Cinderella, this book follows the same general plot as the classic but with a much more fearless heroine. Blue is selfless and spunky- she doesn’t take crap from anyone, and she is always fighting for those who can’t fight for themselves. Her deepening connection to Kellan was a slow burn and man what an enjoyable one. Kellans growth from a flirtatious, immature boy into a strong and capable leader was some awesome character development. There were some pretty heartstopping moments that had me biting off all my nails, but man what a good ending!

This is one series I will definitely be keeping up with, and I hope there are many, many, many more to come!




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