Kids are Weird: Part Three

If you haven’t already heard, my kids are weird. I enjoy chronicling the absurd and ridiculous, and sometimes downright creepy things they say. I’m banking on using this as blackmail when they enter their ornery teenage years. 



  • I notice my 5 year old sniffling in the backseat. “What’s wrong with her?” I ask my 9 year old. “Oh she’s just upset that she’s not psychic…”
  • “I love the way your armpits smell”
  • “Oh my gosh you scared me! I almost had a heart-a-cat!”
  • “I’m more mean now than when I was 4” *shrugs shoulders* “It’s just how God made me”
  • When I tell my five year old that she is, in fact, not allowed to bring a purse filled with cosmetics to the Carolina Panthers Fan Fest “But Mommy, I need my lipstick so I can look good for Cam Newton!” 
  • L: “I am definitely getting married when I grow up.” Me: “Oh yeah, why do you say it like that?” L: “Because I am NOT doing all the chores by myself”
  • “Why does music make me feel special inside and make me want to move around?”
  • S: “Mom have you ever been to a warehouse?” Mia: “Yes? Why?” S: Weren’t you scared of the werewolves?!”
  • “Wouldn’t it be great to be like a queen a never have to get out of bed, just have people come and carry you around on a chair like in the movies?” ** Glances disapprovingly at me** “Well maybe they could push you around in something that has wheels, you might break their bones if they had to carry you like that”

what at things do you hear from your kids? We want to know!!!!!   


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