Book Review: Charlie, Presumed Dead by Anne Heltzel

Dear Bookworms,

Charlie, Presumed Dead

By Anne Heltzel

Welp….this was a frustrating read….but first, a recap:

While attending a funeral in Paris, two young women find out they have been dating the same man. Charlie Price is presumed dead after his family’s plane was wrecked and his bloodied jacket was found at the scene. There is no way he survived the crash according to experts. As the two women begin talking, they realize they have no idea who Charlie really was. Lena and Aubrey embark on a whirlwind adventure trying to piece together clues of Charlies life with Lena in particular convinced that he faked his own death, and she is determined to make him pay for his lies. Bouncing between Europe and Asia, the two women uncover a sinister plot, but will the secrets they are keeping from each other be the thing that blows the whole adventure apart?

So my main issues with this read are two fold:

1) The plot line is absolutely, 100%, way too far fetched. These chicks literally went from Paris, London, Mumbai, and Thailand in search of clues for what Charlie had been up to in the months preceding his death. Who the hell would go to such lengths?! Not a pair of 19 and 22 year old girls, that’s for sure. Even with the mysterious secret Aubrey is hiding and is desperate to protect, it just did not, at all, seem realistic.

2) THAT ENDING! WTF WAS THAT ENDING? So after I finished the book I was sure it was going to be part of a series. OK. Annoying? Yes, as I really wasn’t interested in reading a whole second novel about Lena and Aubreys shenanigans but simultaneously needed to know how it ended (I know you bookworms can relate). But nooooooooo, there is no second book- that’s it. Now I think it had more to do with some issue with publishing versus being the authors choice but still…what a disappointment.

Overall this one was a real let down in the thriller department. The plot was ridiculous, the characters were one dimensional and annoying, and the ending was compete garbage.

Ya win some you loose some in the game of reading. This one was a loss for me.

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