Book Review: Mirror Sisters by VC Andrews

Book Review: Mirror Sisters by VC Andrews

Dear Bookworms,

I have always been a big VC Andrews fan. Known for her deliciously taboo series’, I find them the perfect “trashy” read to suck you in with their grotesque and creepy story lines. It pains me to say I just really didn’t like this one. 

Kaylee and Haylee are identical twins, raised by a very particular mother who insisted each girl was treated in exactly the same manner in every regard. They are dressed the same, hair styled the same, must eat the same things, and have the same friends. If one is punished, so is the other. Despite their identical upbringing, Kaylee and Haylee are very different girls. Where Kaylee is more shy and reserved, Haylee enjoys being the center of attention. Under the ever watchful eye of their mother, the girls are careful to never let their differences show, with Haylee resorting to deceit and subterfuge to express her individuality and distinguish herself from her twin. Little does Kaylee know just how different her sister is and just how far she is willing to go to be an individual. 

Let me preface this with the fact that I listened to this one on audibook and this could very well be the reason I felt so “meh” about the book. The narrator was absolutely terrible. So monotone and drab, she really did nothing to bring the characters to life for me. The dialogue was stiff and dry and didn’t elicit any sense of drama or intrigue. I will say the plot itself was interesting. The overbearing mother, the sinister twin pitted against the unsuspecting innocent twin; all the makings of a spine tingling thriller right?  


Again, I feel the narrator really just turned me off. With an energetic, experienced narrator, I think this book could have had a lot of potential. (Or if I had just read it versus listened maybe?) As it was, I don’t think I will continue with the other books in the series as I really just didn’t get invested in the characters. 

Any other VC Andrews fans out there? Flowers in the Attic was my jam!


Until next week friends!




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