Book Review: Every Last Lie by Mary Kubica

Dear Bookworms,

Every Last Lie

By Mary Kubica

Another Mary Kubica book for the win! Check out the tags below to read a couple other reviews of her previous novels (they are all fantastic).

Clara is reeling from the sudden death of her husband Nick. The police have ruled it an accident- speeding combined with a sharp turn resulted in a deadly collision with a tree, killing him on impact but leaving his 4 year old in the backseat with nothing but a scratch. Just days postpartum with their second child, Claras world is rocked. Unable to pick up the pieces, grieve, and move on with her life, Clara begins digging into the events leading up to Nicks death, convinced someone must have run him off the road on purpose. Clara uncovers shocking information about her husband in her quest to discover what exactly happened. Did she know her husband at all? She will not rest until she uncovers every last lie.

This one was told in alternating perspectives, the present with Clara and the past (spanning a few months past) with Nick. I enjoy this style of storytelling, particularly with a mystery. It’s a fun and interesting way for the reader to make discoveries and piece together clues. The book had a different feel to me than Kubicas previous novels, but it was just as enticing and enrapturing of a read. Claras grief was palpable in Kubicas writing. I cannot even imagine what that must be like, to lose my husband and find myself not only with a large hole in my life, but to find out that my partner was hiding secrets. Kubica sets up the plot nicely, with a wide array of potential villains and motives and the ending was once again not what I had expected. There were a few loose ends that I don’t feel were very well tied up (no spoilers but feel free to jump into the comments if you want to discuss!) but nothing that hinder the plot line.

Overall another fantastic read!




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