Book Review: Coraline by Neil Gaiman

Book Review: Coraline by Neil Gaiman

Dear Bookworms,

I feel like I am slowly making my way through all of Gaimans reads (because I am obsessed with him, check out the tags on this post for other reviews of his books) and this man never disappoints.

I’ll admit I have never seen the popular movie adaptation of this book so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was definitely a light, spooky read for kids and adults.


By Neil Gaiman

Coraline mostly likes the new flat her and her parents have recently moved into, except for the niggling curiosity about the locked door which once opened, is bricked up. Having been told it’s nothing but the product of turning the once large home into a series of apartments, Coralines curiosity continues to linger. One dreary English day when she is stuck indoors with little else to do, Coraline takes the the key, opens the door, and finds the doorway no longer bricked up, but that it opens into a hallway. Following the hallway into the house next door, Coraline discovers a world mirroring her own, complete with it’s own Mother and Father; but this world is different….and dangerous. Coraline must use all her wits and her bravery to get herself safety out of this world and back to her own.

This read was a fairly quick one, but packed with adventure nonetheless! Gaimans characters and books always have such a unique feel and tone to them, and Coraline was no different. It was that perfect mixture of quirk and darkness with an entertaining plot line that kept me engaged from page one! This one could be read with kids, to kids, by kids, or adults and still be thoroughly enjoyed.

Definitely add this one to your reading list friends!

Until next week!


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