Book Review: Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman

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Fat Charlie Nancy lives a perfectly mundane life in London. He has a decent job (which severely under appreciates him) a pretty finance (who may only like him because her mother despises him), and a hugely embarrassing father to boot. He has never had particularly good luck, and while not “fat” can’t seem to shake the nickname his father game him when he was younger. Upon hearing that his father has passed, Fat Charlie makes his way to Florida for the funeral, thus setting into motion a series of events that will change Fat Charlies life forever.

This book definitely ranks up there for me in my top favorite Gaiman books for sure! It had an American Vibes kind of feel as we discover Fat Charlies father was actually a god and he delves into that side of his ancestry that he previously knew nothing about. There was that same dry sense of humor and wit that I have come to anticipate and love with any Gaiman read. The characters were all fantastic and quirky, sometimes borderline ridiculous- in the best possible ways. Watching Fat Charlie grow and evolve was both hilarious and heart stopping at times. No matter what the story, Gaiman has a way of making me really yearn to visit his versions of the world in each and every one of his books.

Add this read to your list friends, its a winner!



Anansi Boys

By Neil Gaiman


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